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Colour Chart

Standard Grey
Standard chinchillas are the most common color you'll see. Standards coats, range from very light grey to a very dark grey, sometimes almost black.
Pink White
Pink/white is a cross between a beige and a white chinchilla. The coloring is white but also with some beige color.
Hetero Beige
A beautiful chinchilla with one beige dominant gene.
Homo Beige
Very light champagne color. This chinchilla color has 2 beige genes, and is reccessive.
Black Velvet
Black Velvet is a TOV standard chinchilla.
Brown Velvet
Brown velvet (also known as beige TOV) is the result of a black velvet and a beige. The leg bands are brown, just as a black velvets leg bands are black, and the underside is white.
Silver Mosaic
Silver Mosaic- To produce silver or white mosaics, the offspring should have 1 white gene and 1 standard gene.
Ebony Mosaic
This is a cross between a white mosaic and an ebony.
Hetero Ebony/Charcoal
Charcoal is a chin with a very dark black- brown fur. Their belly is also dark brown and black as well.
Hetero Ebony TOV
Hetero Ebony TOV- This chinchilla can range from light to dark depending on how much of the ebony gene it has. This chinchilla color has 1 ebony gene and 1 TOV gene.
Homo Ebony
Homo ebony is a reccesive gene. Every hair is shiny black. No white hairs at all.
Tan and pastel chinchillas have the beige and ebony genes. Their bellies are the same color as the rest of their body.
Pastel/Tan White
Pastel/tan white chinchillas have the beige, white and ebony genes. Pictured below is a pastel TOV white female and a tan tov white female.
Violet chins have only two violet genes, because they are recessive. you must breed a violet to another violet or violet carrier to get violet offspring.
Violet TOV
A cross between a black velvet and violet.The underside is all white and the rest of the body is a dark violet coloring.
Solid Violet
The entire body is violet, with no white hairs at all. A solid violet has a wraparound effect to its body, and its belly is completely violet unlike a violet or violet tov, that has a white belly.
Solid Violet TOV
Same as a solid violet, except with the TOV veiling.
White Violet
This chinchilla is a mosaic with white and violet fur.
White Solid Violet
This is a picture of Starfire, a white solid violet female.
Sapphire has a coat similar to a standard, but with a bluish tinge to it. The difference between the two, is sapphires have pink ears and noses whereas standards have grey.
TOV Sapphire
This is a picture of a tov sapphire.
Solid Sapphire
Solid sapphires have the ebony and sapphire genes. Their bellies are as dark as their backs.
TOV Solid Sapphire
This is a picture of one of our kits born here recently out of a TOV sapphire/ebony carrier and a ebony/sapphire carrier pair.
Sullivan Recessive Beige
This is a picture of one of our kits born here recently out of a standard/sullivan recessive beige carrier and a black velvet/sullivan recessive beige carrier pair. Sullivan recessive beiges are rare beiges, with jellybean red eyes. They first originated at Lloyd Sullivan's ranch.
This is a picture of Goldilock's, a goldbar female. This mutation is very rare. The first golbar was born on the Baar ranch in California in 1995 out of two standards.
White Sapphire
This is Dolly, our reserve color section champion white sapphire female. She's probably the largest and most beautiful white sapphire I have ever seen, weighing over 800 grams in weight and having done so well at our last show. She is out of a TOV ebony white/sc/vc male and a sapphire female. We are very proud of her!
Solid White Sapphire
This is a picture of one of our kits born here recently out of an ebony mosaic/sc female bred here and a ebony/sc male bred here. This boy is showing alot of his solid sapphire markings at this time.

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