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Our Chinchilla Family

Many chinchillas pictured on our site are in new homes. We downsized over the last few years, due to our moving to Victoria.

We've kept the photos of our chinchillas, since we still feel they are a part of our family, no matter where they reside in the world. Some of our chins from our herd, reside in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United States and other parts of Canada today.

Standard Chins Black Velvet Chins Sullivan Recessive Beige Chins
Goldbar Chins Beige Chins White Mosaic Chins
White Sapphire Chin Ebony Chins Ebony White Chins
Tan Chins Tan/White Chins Violet Chins
Violet/White Chins Soild Violet Chins Solid White Violet Chins
Sapphire Chins TOV Sapphire Chins Solid Sapphire Chin
Lowe Recessive White Chin

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